Sides Academy

E-commerce implementation & Digital Marketing for a startup offering Hairstyling & Barbering Courses


The Project

Having well over a decade of experience in Hairstyling and Barbering, two friends decided to share their experience with the young and unexperienced.

Being positively ambitioned to raise the level of the local practitioners, just like their motto states, “Refine your passion for hairstyling”, they have put much passion into providing great quality of work for their clients.


The Challenge

– Finding a way to express a new-born brand in a competitive market

– Developing e-commerce on a budget

– Understanding the User Experience process & needs of the bussiness

Choosing the right channels for Marketing, for maximizing budget efficiency


The sollution

A/B Testing of campaigns and UX (User Experience) designs

– Switching from WordPress to Shopify for performance improvements and design efficiency & flexibility

– Testing multiple marketing channels & choosing the top 2 that prooved to bring the highest ROI (Return on Investment) & ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) 


Design & Development

Simplicity and minimalism in layout and copywriting

 Accessibility as core principle for obtaining great marketing-related results

Hiding content in drop-downs for shortening page length and displaying most relevant content only



The usual full screen first slider wasn’t the most profitable option for them.

Displaying 3 sections (menu, slide & about us) right from the start proved to be the most efficient.


Product Page

A large  amount of information needed to be displayed on the product page. 

Since 50% or more of the users would not scroll below the first screen, we have chosen to compress all information in a “Summary” section.

We have also placed 3 CTA’s (Call to Action buttons) in the page, in order for people to be able to easily call.



– Google Ads campaigns have driven around 500,000 people to their website, and have generated over 13,000 phone calls.

– Facebook & Instagram campaigns have generated over 800,000 impressions

– By optimizing the User Experience of the website, we have increased the conversion rate with over 1000%.


Google Ads Campaigns

By testing A/B and


Cart & checkout ux

To increase the ROI, we made the checkout process as smooth as possible, while keeping the investment on a reasonable scale.

For the same reason we implemented a feature rich cart.


Tools & Skills

– Shopify (e-commerce)
– Figma
– Photoshop / Photopea
– CloudFlare
– WHM + cPanel, FileZilla

– Google Ads Campaigns & Optimisation
– Coding (HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JS & jQuery)
– Media (Photo & Video) Creation + Editing
– Market Research
– Digital Strategy
– Bussiness Consultance