Design & Creation

Amazing looks are just a part of integrated & well thought through design

At Digital Interaction, we treat functionality and content as the guidelines for a flawless looking design. Understanding as much as possible about the underlying motivation and use of design is key to providing an output design that is relevant and applicable.


“Less is more”, the way L. Mies van der Rohe puts it.

Our team combines marketing experience with design knowledge to provide designs that make your bussiness stand out and look impecable. 

UX (User experience)

Seamless web experiences rely on many factors, some of which:

– understanding the general interests of users, which can be analysed with the help of heatmaps

– keeping the design simple

– choosing which information gets displayed and which gets visually hidden in various ways (dropdowns for example)

fast loading speeds

Media creation & editing

We know just how important images are.

Campaigns, Websites, Social Media, they all rely on quality and well thought through media.

That’s why we work together with our clients to get the best graphics and strategies for content display.


Performance marketing

If a conversion was a flower, for it to grow it would take:

the right seeds (the right audience, positioning, )

fertile soil (good market)

water (content & media)

exposure to the sun (relevant reach through the appropriate channels)

time (through analysis & optimisation, sales grow)

seasons influence (literally aswell, for example Black Friday or Christmas)