Brick Romania

E-commerce implementation & marketing for a store with over 60.000 different products


The Project

Brick Romania is a brick&mortar store chain, with stores in 3 locations and extending.

They offer their clients quality products at reasonable prices, while keeping a wide range of product choices for every category of products.


The Challenge

– Defining their complex needs & requirements

– Deciding which e-commerce platform would be the best fit, and what functional and design customizations should be added

– Implementing the e-commerce platform and dealing with the many technical problems encountered along the way

Importing a large number of products 

Customizing the shipping options and fee calculations


The sollution

– Adopting Magento 2 as e-commerce platform

– Creating an automated import process – tables with all product info and images uploaded directly to the server

– Creating custom shipment rules, based on specific distance and time factors, that would allow the user to get an instant shipment fee quote


Design & Development

Simplicity and minimalism in layout and copywriting

Complex functionality and attention to details for improving, easing and making the UX (User Experience) more accessible

Hiding content in drop-downs for shortening page length and displaying most relevant content only



Grouping such large number of products and product types in categories is a challenge of itself.

Displaying the most relevant and profitable products is key to maximizing the ROI (Return on Investment).


Product Page

Clear display of the main features and images makes the page easy and quick to be read.

The “buy” call to action is color highlighted and positioned below the title, in order to make it stand out.


Compare Page

Comparing different articles based on attributes is a relevant feature for their customers. It speeds up the decision process between the products and therefore increases the conversion rate.


Cart & checkout ux

To increase the ROI, we made the checkout process as smooth as possible, while keeping the investment on a reasonable scale.

For the same reason we implemented a feature rich cart.



Transforming the words into images is a process which helps sending a clear and focused message. And since users loose attention within seconds, we’ve put the top features into images.



Taking advantage of the yearly events is known to maximise ROI.



Tools & Skills

– Magento 2 (e-commerce)
– Figma
– Photoshop / Photopea
– After Effects
– CloudFlare
– WHM + cPanel, FileZilla

– Google Ads Campaigns & Optimisation
– Coding (HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JS & jQuery)
– Media (Photo & Video) Creation + Editing
– Research & Development
– Consultance
– Design Research
– Bussiness Consultance